Dead By Daylight best Gabriel Soma build (June 2023)

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Gabriel Soma in Dead By Daylight

The best Dead By Daylight Gabriel Soma build uses his unique perks to his advantage. It is one that will use general perks, his unique skills, and a few more specific perks to give you something that benefits his central play style.

In this guide, we'll go over everything we know about Gabriel Soma so far, from what makes him unique to how to leverage his unique perks to get the most out of them.

What are the Gabrial Soma perks in Dead By Daylight?

Though our playtime with the perks has been based mostly on the PTB, here are all of Gabriel Soma's perks as of launch.


When chased by the killer, the aura of the generator with the most progress is revealed to you. The aura of the killer is revealed to you for 4/5/6 seconds after dropping a pallet. This effect lingers for 6/8/19 seconds after ending chase.

Made For This

When you are in the injured state Made For This activates, giving 1/2/3% haste. It also gives Endurance for 6/8/10 seconds after completing a healing action on another survivor. Made For This can't be used while Exhausted, but doesn't give the Exhausted effect.


Scavenger activates when you are holding a depleted toolbox. Getting a great repair skill check gives you one token, up to a max of five. When you reach five, your toolbox is restored. When scavenger is activated, generator repair speed goes down 50% for 40/35/30 seconds. You can also rummage through an open chest to find a basic toolbox once per trial.

Gabriel Soma in Dead By Daylight
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What is the best Dead By Daylight The Singularity build?

Gabriel Soma is almost solely dedicated to doing generators and helping teammates. This is likely the case to combat The Singularity. For this reason, you want to run perks that give information and help do generators quickly.

Lithe (Feng Min)

Lithe gives you a short three-second 150% speed burst after performing a rushed vault. You will then be Exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds. Though some may opt for Sprint Burst here instead, Lithe allows you a little more versatility and lets you choose when you are Exhausted, which can pair well with Made For This.

Scavenger (Gabriel Soma)

Though this isn't as strong as it was in the PTB, Scavenger still remains a super solid perk that can give you more value out of your toolboxes. The slowed gen speed allows you time to hunt down boons, heal survivors, and take chase.

Kindred (General Perk)

Kindred is a great choice of perk for Gabriel Soma, as there's a little bit of downtime with his perks. This gives you time to go for the heal or unhook while you wait.


Made For This (Gabriel Soma)

Given we have grabbed a good aura reading perk and a situational perk, the benefits of Made For This justifies the perk slot. As well as gaining a general haste buff, endurance is a really great status effect that makes you a good healer.

Gabriel Soma in Dead By Daylight
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Dead By Daylight Gabriel Soma tips and tricks

  • Gabriel Soma's perks are surprisingly altruistic, so make sure to play as part of a team. You should be aiming to constantly pressure gens or heal teammates. Don't get too defensive unless you are being actively tunnelled.
  • Scavenger is still a very solid perk choice if you play around it right. There are plenty of ways to help out a team outside of doing gens and, if you want to do gens, wait for the repair slowdown to disappear before using your toolbox again.

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