How to get Powdered Dragon Claw in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Students crafting potions in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

In this guide, we will explore how to get Powdered Dragon Claw in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Its gameplay can be intricate and detailed due to various role-playing items that players can grind for in the game. Among these items is an ingredient that boosts your intellect called Powdered Dragon Claw.

Powdered Dragon Claws are used in making potions such as Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, which make the user cunning and smart. At a certain point in the game you might also be stuck with a quest that requires five Powdered Dragon Claws. However, with our guide, you’ll be able to quickly stack on this resource. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!

How to get Powdered Dragon Claws in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Powdered Dragon claw in inventory
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The Powdered Dragon Claw is not only a valuable item needed to make strong potions, but it is required to progress through the story, which is all the more reason to find it. However, many players have struggled with this item, as it can be pretty elusive and arbitrary to acquire if you don’t know where to look.

Share Powered Dragon Claws in your dormitory

If you’re stuck on the story quest that requires five Powdered Dragon Claws to complete, there’s a simple way of acquiring them. Just go to your dormitory and ask your teammates for the ingredients. Keep in mind that the Powdered Dragon Claws are not destroyed upon use during the quest, so they can share theirs with you even after completing their missions.

You simply have to go to the inventory and place all your Powdered Dragon Claws in the shared cabinet, which will allow anyone in the dorm to use them. Using this method, all your teammates can take turns in using the Powdered Dragon Claws to complete their quest and progress through the story with shared resources.

Finding Powdered Dragon Claws in the game


Another method you can use is to grind for this ingredient. Powdered Dragon Claws have a chance to be dropped in the Deathly Dell Stage, from level four and above. However, in this case, the higher difficulty you place on, the more chances you have of acquiring Powdered Dragon Claws. Regardless, it is still not a guaranteed drop and can highly depend on your luck and RNG.

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