All History of Magic answers in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Class

The History of Magic answers in Harry Potter Magic Awakened are crucial to enriching your Hogwarts experience. This is a trivia quiz about everything Harry Potter-related. It'll put your knowledge to the test, so you're going to want to know all the History of Magic answers to clear the class.

If it has been a while since you last read Harry Potter, or you're just not a fan of trivia, it's understandable that you might feel at a bit of a loss. However, there's a History of Magic class that's part of the story that you absolutely must complete. So, here's a list of the History of Magic answers for the story quest.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened - All History of Magic answers

Below we will list all the History of Magic questions and their correct answers. Note that the game will generate a random question from its pool of questions. Therefore, we suggest going over this list a couple of times before attempting the History of Magic quiz. Furthermore, some questions might be updated or added in the future. So here's our list of History of Magic answers:

What kind of core did Harry's first wand possess?

Answer: Phoenix Feather

How did Harry first arrive (and ultimately depart from) the Dursley's house on 4 Privet Drive?

Answer: Sirius Black's Motorcycle

What did Professor Snape tell Harry could Detoxify people from most kinds of poisons?

Answer: Bezoar

Who is known as the "Chosen One"?

Answer: Harry Potter

Who left the lightning-shaped scar on Harry Potter's forehead?

Answer: Voldemort

What was Harry Potter's middle name?

Answer: James

What creature sat in the corner of Professor Lupin's office the first time Harry Potter visited him at Hogwarts?

Answer: Grindylow

What curse is Harry Potter the only known survivor of?

Answer: Avada Kedavra

What book did Hermione lend Harry before his first Quidditch match?

Answer: Quidditch Through the Ages

Where was Harry born?

Answer: Godrick's Hollow

What mode of transportation did Hagrid use to take infant Harry Potter to his aunt and uncle's house at 4 Privet Drive?

Answer: Flying Motorbike

How long is Harry Potter's wand?

Answer: 11 inches

Where did Harry Potter live with his muggle relatives the Dursleys?

Answer: Privet Drive

Who was Harry Potter's godfather?

Answer: Sirius Black

What is History of Magic class in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

As mentioned earlier, the History of Magic class in Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a trivia where you need to select the correct option out of four possible answers. The first person to answer gets 15 points, the next person gets 12, and so on. The class keeps going until the questions end, and the goal is for your team to reach 300 points total to pass the class.

Those are all the History of Magic answers in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. If this guide helped, be sure to check out how to gather ruby keys and how to change your appearance. We've also got the latest Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes, and a tier list to boot.


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