How to get more Ruby Keys for Ron Weasley in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Wondering how to get more Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? Or perhaps you don't even know what they are just yet but can't stop hearing about them. Either way, we've got you covered below. They're an essential part of your first year at Hogwarts, and a great entryway into your first serious deck.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened uses its gacha systems to keep some of the best cards from you. Being a deck building game with a real-time gameplay component, strategy is just as important as quick and fluid thinking. With that in mind, knowing how to get through the game's generous starting banner can help you get up to speed in no time at all.

How to get more Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

We've broken down our talk about Ruby Keys in Magic Awakened into a few easy FAQ-style sections.

What are Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

Ruby Keys are a unique currency outside of the Silver and Gold Keys you're introduced to early on. They're time-limited and used for events only, so while they're not used as often, they're rarer at the same time.

They're just relatively easier to get when they are available, and can serve as a way to get some powerful cards easily if you play regularly.

After the tutorial, they're used to unlock the Quidditch Tryouts card skin, as well as two copies of the tier list featured Mythic card Ron Weasley. If you're lucky, you might get Avada Kedavra.

The Ruby Keys event screen in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.
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How to unlock Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Tired of hearing about these Ruby Keys everyone keeps going on about? If you don't know what they are yet, you will soon - just take your head out of your textbooks and carry on with the main quest.

Right after your first flying lesson, a couple of new buttons will appear on your screen. The important one here is the Events icon. If you can see that, you've unlocked Ruby Keys and their corresponding card banner. Now you just need to get some.

How to get Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Ruby Keys can be acquired in two ways: Completing Year One story quests, and using Ruby Keys. That's right, Ruby Keys are part of a cycle mechanic, rewarding you with more as you use them up.

To get started, you'll want to press on with the main storyline. Playing through Chapter 2-1 will get you five Ruby Keys with each main mission, for a grand total of 30.

To get more, just use those you already have. Using ten Ruby Keys in the A New Adventure card banner will get you five more. Use 30 in total to get another five. That means 40 Ruby Keys are available for free, getting you very close to the 60 Ruby Key cap on the starting card banner.

The Ruby Keys banner in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.
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How to get the final 20 Ruby Keys - How to get more Ruby Keys

To actually reach the bottom of the 60-pull A New Adventure Banner and claim your two Ron Weasley cards, you'll need 20 Ruby Keys more than the game gives you. So what's the deal?

The final 20 keys are being withheld from the game until after its two-week launch period. So long as you've completed the steps above to get all 40, you'll automatically get the final 20 Ruby Keys in your Mailbox after server maintenance on July 11, 2023.You'll need to hit this milestone on launch week, however, clearing the quests before July 4 to be eligible for the final 20 Ruby Keys. You can read more about it on the official website, but here's the official wording from that page:

  • Complete Yearbook stories up to 2-1 before 8:59am GMT on July 4th for an additional 20 Ruby Keys (these Ruby Keys will be distributed following our server maintenance on July 11th). as part of the global launch week celebration event.

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