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The fundamental principles that explain the heretofore mysterious phenomena of consciousness are: (1) Consciousness is energies of the environment, and energies developed in intrafusal muscle spindles are conscious experience, and (2) the experience occurring as the developed energies, depending on purpose and intensity, are detected by muscle receptors. The conscious experience occurs as perception (the experience of the environment), imagery (imagination, memory, and dreams), feelings (emotion), or, when agreed to, the meanings of language.

Consciousness and conscious experience are not subject to the interpretations of scientific and religious knowledge because consciousness is the individual experience of each and every person. In "Conscious Experience," author W.H. Sparks presents a discussion of the relationship of consciousness and experience based on his extensive research and his personal experiences.

Along with a review of the development of the theory of consciousness, Sparks offers a plethora of facts and thoughts about conscious experience, including: An explanation of the nature and experience of consciousness How the experience of energies detected by receptors constitutes conscious experience The idea that conscious experience is detected as the energies developed in the intrafusal spindles by muscle receptors How consciousness is experienced by the muscle system The structures of experience are the intrafusal muscle spindles The impulse activity transduced from the detected energies innervates the muscle system The recognition of the part the muscle receptors play in conscious experience is the process that finally answers the question of consciousness and conscious experience

In the "Conscious Experience," Sparks provides information that shows conscious experience includes perception, imagery, feelings, and the meanings of language-all qualities unique to each individual.

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