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IntimidatedOverwhelmedTotally confused? With hundreds of pages of stories, theology and strange visions, who wouldn't feel this way about the New Testament? How does it all fit together?But imagine that the New Testament was a 1,000 - piece puzzle. It's easier to figure out what you're putting together if you have the picture on the box to go by and the corners and straight edges as guides. The chapters in this book provide the puzzle's box cover, corners and straight-edged pieces, demystifying the whole picture of what you are assembling. Armed with these advantages, when you read or study New Testament passages, you will easily understand how the puzzle fits together.CONTENTSIntroduction: How the New Testament is Put TogetherChapter 1: Christ?'s Private PeriodChapter 2: Christ?'s Public PeriodChapter 3: Christ?'s Trials PeriodChapter 4: Christ?'s Triumphant PeriodChapter 5: The Church?'s Private PeriodChapter 6: The Church?'s Public PeriodChapter 7: The Church?'s Trials PeriodChapter 8: The Church?'s Triumphant PeriodConclusion: Admiring the Puzzle Frame

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