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The Human Mission to Mars - Colonizing the Red Planet 'The Greatest Adventure in the History of Humanity.' A team of over 70 top scientists from NASA and other leading institutions, including 4 astronauts (two of whom walked on the Moon) have prepared a detailed, step-by-step, "how to" series of over 50 chapters with each logically leading to the next, explaining how a 'Human Mission to Mars' can be successfully accomplished and paid for and detailing the specifics and technology of the space craft, how the mission would be funded, worst case scenarios, how humans would react to prolonged space flight, the effects of stress and radiation and zero gravity on the body and the mind, what they might encounter once they land, the search for Martian life, planetary and human protection from viruses and deadly Martian microbes, the establishment of a Mars' base, terraforming Mars to established a permanent Mars' colony, sex on Mars and the birth of the first Martian, and a successful return to Earth. This text serves as a road map and blue print for the greatest adventure in the history of our planet, and which will usher in a scientific and technological revolution that will serve the American people, American business, and our National interests and National security. The book is divided into 12 sections with over 50 chapters.

Table of Contents:
I. Astronauts On Mars,
-5 chapters written by astronauts
II. The Future is Mars....
-3 chapters,
III: To Boldly Go: Getting to Mars and Design Reference Architecture
-3 chapters,
IV. The Scientific Investigation of Mars: Humans, Geology, Geophysics, Atmosphere, Climate, Biology
-5 chapters,
V: Psychology, Stress, Behavioral Health of Astronauts & Crew
-5 chapters,
VI. Medical Health, Physiology, Biomedical Risks of a Journey to Mars
-7 chapters,
VII. Planetary Protection and Infection Risks on Mars
-3 chapters,
VIII. The Search For Life on Mars
-9 chapters
IX. Mars Base and Colonization of the Red Planet
-5 chapters,
X. Sex on Mars. Radiation, Brain, Heart, Sexuality, Fertility, Pregnancy, Fetal Development
-2 chapters,
XI. Robots on Mars
-2 chapters,
XII. Marketing Mars: The Mars Prize. Financing the Greatest Adventure in the History of Humanity,2-Chapter. Over 50 chapters written by 70 top scientists and four astronauts: Onward to Mars!

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