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Thrust into the NHA ruling nobility without choice, Trent Marcello, still mourning the tragic loss suffered at the Battle of Earth, must quickly learn the new realities of this strange new world. He is joined by the Grand Duchess Sasha Alutia, who has vowed to guide him as she fights to place her own mark on the traditionalist dominated universe. But the journey will not be without hardship. Enemies, both new and old, threatening Alutia at every turn, while allies may not actually be what they seem…

Part 3 - Description:
Alutia is finally breaking free of the grip of Duke Zehman and the Hulk'Zif Duchy, only a single fortified bastion remaining under his minions control...and though unprepared...Trent, Sasha, and their allies must do everything in their power to breach its towering walls.

After the daring rescue of the Lady Vickie during the Epic Battle of Heclutia, where the battered and bruised Trent and Sasha lead a petty uprising to overthrow the traitorous Baron Tuhbil, they board the ABF Sasha to pursue a freighter thought to be transporting the lost Grand Marquis Georigi. The freighter appears not to be fleeing far, its destination the Planet Don'Alutia, capital of the Don'Alutia Mark. Officially, this mark is under the jurisdiction of the Alutia Duchy, though all evidence points to its leader, the Marquis Rostil, being a fanatical follower of the hated Duke Zehman. But another mystery shrouds their journey...the vanishing Heclutia petties...and the increasing evidence pointing to a single, unexpected destination...Don'Alutia.

Join Trent and Sasha as they embark on the exciting final chapter of The Noble Petty. Follow as they are bound forever closer to each other and their closest friends through an unexpected ability of the mysterious Emperor's Jewelry. Watch as Trent experiences the wonders of NHA culture, through the guiding hands of Sasha and her ladies, and makes an unexpected discovery that ensnares two of their own....and may cost them their very lives.

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The Noble Petty, Part 3 (Alutia Rising Series, Book 2) epub ebook download
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Release date 05.05.2013
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