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The spoilers, should you care, are right up at the top here...

...Because this is the one in which Wonder Woman puts out her own eyes in order to win a fight with Medusa.(Or Medousa, as it's transliterated here.)Medousa's ripped off her blindfold and is compelling Wonder Woman to look at her (and, therefore, turn to stone — and therefore, lose the fight and allow Medousa free reign to turn several thousand spectators to stone) so Wonder Woman grabs a shorn hair-snake with acid venom, spikes her own eyes out with its fangs, and finishes the fight by turning and decapitating Medousa.Because you do not fuck with Wonder Woman.Seriously, in every other comic — including ones with women heroes — I'm almost always "yeah, fight scene, whatever", but Wonder Woman is always hardcore awesome.The one where she rips off cage bars to beat up a demon that's going to eat her old enemy Cheetah? Awesome. The one where she's dunked in molten metal and shakes it off? Awesome? The one where she beats down Superman until she can free him from mind control? Awesome. You see my trend here.

And in this book, she then goes off and beats up the entire JLA for an "evaluation" of her blind fighting skills.Superman snips at her for not resigning and she snips at the whole JLA (except Batman, of course) for holding back in the fight.(She has other reasons for getting cranky with Batman.)And doesn't resign, because, hello, maybe she originally won that armor fighting but (a) in case you didn't notice, she's still fighting, and (b) as an avatar of the Goddess of Wisdom, she has a little more to offer than just a sword-arm, y'know?And to bring back the point that (a) she's still fighting, the Goddess of Wisdom (Pallas Athena, who's been orchestrating this whole thing from the beginning) calls her up to Olympus to champion Athena in her bid to dethrone Zeus and take ultimate power on Olympus for herself — and Athena wins because, of course, she's got Wonder Woman on her side.

Also, seriously, the section where the Themysciran ambassadors (Diana, Artemis, and Phillipus) get called to a formal White House dinner is awesome.Seeing Diana as an ambassador with a day job in addition to being Wonder Woman is lovely, especially because the art carries through the "inhumanly strong and perfect" thing even when she's in jeans and a tank top or a weird formal toga-like robe.

And I kind of love that the volume opened like this:
Dr. Leslie Anderson: What happened to you?
Wonder Woman: I was blown up and then buried under some hundred tons of earth.
Leslie: And this happens to you often, does it?
Wonder Woman: Probably more often than it should, yes. [shrug] You're on the Embassy network?I uploaded Ballesteros' files to the Embassy server before everything exploded.

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