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THE WEAVER is a collection of three unsettling short stories.

The title story, "THE WEAVER," is a riff on the Greek myth of Arachne. This tale shows what happens to the cursed girl after suffering under a goddess' wrath.

"THE SPIRITS DIDN'T COME" takes a stab at what Scrooge's Christmas might have been like if his mystical visitors never made it to his door.

"FIVE IMPORTANT USES FOR YOUR CYBER SHOT AIR GUN" is a fast-paced near future heist story set in a robotics lab. Fans of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" might enjoy this short story.

These three uncanny shorts have a combined length of 5,000 words, or around 20 book pages.

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PublisherEDW Books
Release date 03.04.2015
Pages count26
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