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“Which way should I go from here? S or M or around the rabbit hole and into the enchanted forest?” That was the question Ron Bartlet asked himself, as he stood at a crossroads of his life in Hollywood, California, 1969 – and then went down the rabbit hole.


“Plan Ahead the signs say. Think. Pray. But what the hell good does it do? You can worry and plan and pray to your heart’s content, but then one day you walk around a corner and something happens—your life changes completely: you see something, or hear something, or you meet a stranger, and something inside you shifts gears, or changes directions, and there’s nothing you can do about it. All that thinking and planning and praying goes merrily down the drain.”

For Ron Bartlett, that change began one night in 1969, at The Talisman Bar in Hollywood, California,when he met an “S” named Colin.

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