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Nostradamus is still seen in the late 20th century as perhaps the most successful of all history's prophets. His bizarre writings have been interpreted during the last four centuries in many different ways. The verses or "quatrains," written in old French, contain a number of key words which have never been quite understood until now. Words such as "Mabus" and "Hieron" have baffled commentators, who have presumed that they refer to events in our future. Peter Lorie, in this new volume of predictions for the next two decades, has successfully provided a completely new insight into the prophet's methods, basing them on events contemporary to Nostradamus' lifetime. The solutions that emerge cast a completely fresh light on the predictions and give us a powerful and positive view of our near and more distant future. In addition, with the help of Dr. Liz Greene, a worldrenowned astrologer and Jungian psychoanalyst, the book contains a complete astrological analysis of the years from 1996 to 2016, using national birth charts for the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other major countries around the world. Although working as a clairvoyant and "seer" of his future, Nostradamus also used the celestial science of astrology to confirm his work, and would have access to similar astrological information that is now weaved into this original and penetrating study of the future. The result is a convincing partnership between magic and science which reveals, year by year, the political and social development of America, Europe, The Baltic States, Japan, and other parts of the world scene, and examines the grand schemes of war, government, power, natural disaster, and other important events.

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