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The first edition of this book was titled Networking Awesomely, in part because I thought networking was awesome, in part because I was very excited to be publishing a book. Truth be told, it was all I could do to keep myself from adding an exclamation point to an already enthusiastic moniker.

Now, a little older, a little wiser, and with far more books under my belt, I’ve returned to rewrite this title. The aim was to share essentially the same ideas, but present them in a less repetitive, more concise and digestible fashion. I also wanted to publish something with superior editing and formatting, and a reduction in verbiage.

Despite the change in name, presentation, and words I use to describe the concepts, I still believe the ideas presented in the following pages are awesome and worth sharing. They were revelatory to me as I picked them up over the years, and I still receive a large number of emails and in-person thanks when on tour from readers who gleaned helpful tidbits, and sometimes grand umbrella-concepts, that helped them grok what it is to build healthy, helpful, and long-lasting relationships with other people.

I hope you find some value in these ideas, too.

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