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Most impressive and interesting little book ever. I first discovered it on my first year of college, when I was alone and didn't know anyone, because I just moved to another town.....

After the first aphorism I just knew he was the author of my life. Lec was Polish, but more important (for me, that is) he was a jurist .... I studied law, so it was love at first sight. And it is quite visible in his aphorism one - liners. His sentences, so to say are full of underlying wisdom and hidden meanings, which you discover not until you have read the sentence at least 5 times ...They make you smile, they make you sad, they make you think, all at the same time! I haven't deciphered most of them.... He was most prolific when Poland was under communist dictatorship, so many of his aphorism have to be taken and understood in the light of the political circumstances of the time he was writing .... But, and this is most valuable, despite of that, his aphorisms don't lose any of their appeal 30- something years after the Iron Curtain fell and his country became a democratic one, with respect for human rights ....

I am still blown away by his wit and intelligence, and the ability to make the truth we see everyday around us funny, even when it's gloomy and unacceptable ....

• You cannot play the Song of Freedom on an instrument of oppression.
• In the beginning there was the Word — at the end just the Cliché.
• Do not ask God the way to heaven; he will show you the hardest one.
• Do not trust people. They are capable of greatness

I could go like this all day .... Just be sure to get your copy, it's quite a brain teaser!

Disclaimer: The quoted aphorisms or "unkempt thoughts" are not neccesarily included in the edition in the picture. They are random quotes I managed to collect on the Internet.

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