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This fascinating book offers the first scientific proof that spontaneous recovery from terminal illness happens more than anyone suspects—against the odds, and against medical convention. The book's chorus of voices tells readers about the extraordinary powers everyone possesses, and which can be used to conquer what medicine has claimed to be unconquerable.

Caryle Hirshberg
Cofounder of the Remission Project at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, coauthored Spontaneous Remission, the most thorough research work to date on the subject and was research director and cowriter for the Heart of Healing television series.

Marc Barasch
Author of The Healing Path, a widely acknowledged classic in the literature of mind-body medicine, and The Compassionate Life. A contributing editor to Psychology Today magazine and a producer/writer for Turner Broadcasting, he has been honored as a finalist for a PEN award in journalism.

In a spectacular contribution to what is known about the mind/body connection, the authors investigate cases of remarkable recovery, offering many illuminating thoughts on the nature of healing. When the authors began their exploration of remarkable healings, certain facts became obvious: the medical community maintained an uneasy silence on the subject, and on those rare occasions when they did discuss these cases, they seemed admiring, but strangely lacking in simple curiosity, much less scientific methodology. They asked no questions, or none of the right questions. Caryle Hirshberg and Marc Ian Barasch attempt to ask all the right questions-about the lifestyles, attitudes, hobbies, intimate relationships, social support, and spiritual and religious beliefs and practices of the extraordinary men, women and children whose stories of miraculous healings they tell. In the process, they begin to discover those qualities that may be associated with healing, finding that intuition, determination, faith, even playing a musical instrument, may improve our chances of recovery. — From The WomanSource Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women; review by Patricia Pettijohn

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