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I LEARNT SO MUCH FROM THIS BOOK! I really feel like my understanding of the different bits of astrology is coming together and The Twelve Houses has been a big part of that growing cohesion. I really liked the mythological introductions to the planets too, for both reminding me of stuff I'd forgotten and teaching me new things, and for adding to my understanding of the planets. The Houses used to be one of the bits I was most confused by - bringing the metaphysical stuff down to earth - and I'm so glad I have a better grip on them now. I expect I will be returning to this book for reference many times!

There were things I didn't like - the odd inappropriate comment, and several statements about gender and sexuality that showed that me and Sasportas would've disagreed on a great many things. But these things also propelled me to feel more like I *have* to write about astrology one day to offer a less heterocapitalistic perspective!

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