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The Nostalgia Collection of Short Stories
With special attention in this note for-
The Patch on the Quilt by Sapper

This is a fabulous collection of great short stories, most of which are listed at the end of this note. Here I will try to insist on the last short tale, but my other notes on these stories are to be found at www.realini.blogspot.ro
Short stories seem to be treated with less interest than big, serious novels. Exception to the rule- Alice Munro, who has won the Noble Prize somewhat unexpectedly for she writes short tales, and novels rule supreme.
Looking over the list, I must note that although I was not so fond of Dick Baker’s Cat, it is by far my biggest success as a note writer... I still prefer to call them notes, not reviews, since I tend to digress from the subject of the story which is supposed to be in question.
On my blog, for some strange reason, my post on that cat has about eighty viewers, which may be the most people I will ever get to read (?) a note of mine.
The Patch On The Quilt deals with people who seek attention, are in a tight spot, in a way like this reader, who is desperately seeking to share his feelings thorugh his notes.
A woman is catching the attention of a reputed actor, as he walks out of the theater.
- Please give me a few minutes of your time
- Well, ok
- Yes, but not here
- ...
- I cannot explain
And the actor who is also the narator of the story is taken to a place where he can see what „real povertyis.
The husband is waiting for them and he is in a rather bad shape.
They want the actor to use his prestige and influence to secure a role for the woman, which he feels is a bit of a dirty trick, since the woman herself says:
- I know you get many demands like this, but we are desperate.
- I understand
- You see, she is an excellent actress, says the sick husband.
It happens that the actress in leading role fells sick, but the truth about the poor woman is that she is not really talented. The narator only said a few kind words out of politness, pitty and to get them off his back.
So when the opportunity arises for the aspiring actress to get on stage, it is denied and the understudy does make a wonderful role, which is noted by the journalists.
Appreaciative articles, even laudatory ones appear in the press and they are read by the dissapointed soliciting actress.
This turns into a drama that i will not describe to save you the pleasure of reading and finding out what happens.
For this was a story that I loved, together with the others which are mentioned here:

Thousand Deaths by Jack London, Read by Nicky Henson
Murder! by Arnold Bennett, Read by Brian Cox
The White Wolf by Guy de Maupassant, Read by Dinsdale Landen
The Mysterious Railway Passenger by Maurice Leblanc, Read by Patrick Malahide
The Cheshire Cat by Lewis Carroll, Read by Liza Goddard
'Divus' Johnston by John Buchan, Read by Iain Cuthbertson
Dick Baker's Cat by Mark Twain, Read by Richard Griffiths
The Man in the Bell by W. E. Aytoun, Read by Patrick Malahide
Home Sickness by George Moore, Read by T. P. McKenna
Spindleberries by John Galsworthy, Read by Joanna David
The Face by E. F. Benson, Read by Richard Pasco
On Being in Love by Jerome K. Jerome, Read by Hugh Laurie
The Disintegration Machine by Arthur Conan Doyle, Read by Nicky Henson
The Violet Car by E. E. Nesbitt, Read by Harriet Walter
The Patch on the Quilt Sapper, Read by Edward Fox

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