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Although this work cannot be found in a bookstore, I can easily say it is one of the best things I have ever read. I highly suggest you track it down on the internet because it will change your life like all good literature does.
It has been several years since I read Wide Awake for the first time on fanfiction.com. Yep, that's right, this 52 chapter story started off as a fanfic about the popular novel Twilight. However, aside from the names of the characters, nothing about this story is the same. I have often said that if AngstGoddess would just change some of their names then she could publish this story in a heartbeat. I would go as far as to even say I like this story better than the Twilight Saga (no offense intended to Stephenie Meyer).
The author does a terrific job of capturing the emotions and psychological trauma that these characters face. Edward is quite hilarious and his language is amazingly naughty. The relationship between Bella and Edward is heartbreakingly honest. Again, I believe I prefer this Edward to Meyer's Edward.
There is some heavy language and some adult scenes in this work but all that aside, I would suggest that everyone who can get their hands on it should read it. The storyline is creative and holds so much depth that you will want nothing more than to read it over and over again! BRAVO!

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GanreFan Fiction
Release date 02.12.2009
Pages count916
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