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Worldwide confusion. Personal tragedy. International chaos. Ever wondered what it will be like at the end of time? Read the headlines today - and this story.

"God," Dani whispered. "If You are really there and You really do care about what happens to us, please help me. Not for my sake. I don't deserve it. For my baby. Please."


What could Dan tell the remaining members? Those who were leaving questioned the church doctrines that kept them from uniting with the United Religious Coalition. "I always believed the coming of the end would be so obvious people could not miss it. I'm beginning to change my mind. I feel that right now we are living in the very last days. But most of my congregation seems totally unaware."


Gavin sighed, like a teacher frustrated with a rebellious child. "After all the catastrophes that have befallen America these past few years, Brian, it was ripe for a conversion. When tough times come, people very nearly trample each other to climb onto the moral bandwagon and get right with God. A conservative nation is a strong nation, and by God, Brian, I'm going to make this a strong nation. It will become the center of the world!"

What if these things were really happening? Are you sure they're not?

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PublisherPacific Press Publishing Association
Release date 01.03.1998
Pages count303
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