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An Epic Tale of Rhiannon
Anthony R Davis
Our heroes, probe deeply into the ancient British folklore, and unsuspectingly discover the supernatural being our ancestors called, Rhiannon. Their exploration leads them into many adventures, in which they discover the many unexplained and mysterious multiple Dimensions. The story of the old mythical Welsh figure of Rhiannon is a compelling fantasy, which spans the many lifetimes of our hero and his friends, who get caught up in the power of the Dimensional Time Vortex, with its bewildering idiosyncrasies. Two great wizards, along with our heroes, combine their powers, and with the help of a super race of intelligent extraterrestrials, they try to overcome the galactic band of marauding, bloodthirsty race called the Kelk Warriors. The Kelk Warriors, unknowingly, are on the verge of destroying the known Universe. Our heroes also learn of the possible collision of the Earth’s galaxy with another. They venture recklessly, while abandoning their own safety, to seek out the highest intelligence. They search desperately for an answer, to prevent the looming cataclysm. Their quest will lead them to the ultimate mystery of the vast Universe’s existence. Everything eventually appears well in the Universe; while unaware of the diabolical scheming of a pseudo Entity of, Rhiannon, whose diabolical actions are even more threatening to the Universe than the Kelk Warriors warlike ways. Will our heroes eventually defeat the Master of Doom, the Evil Entity? Read the exciting climax and ultimate conclusion to this epic novel of adventure, terror, and sheer determination to beat the mythical godlike foe, called the, Entity.

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