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While this volume is smaller than the first one, it doesn't hold back on the strange and fascinating. Volume one had the first ten issues. This volume contains issues 11 to 14 of the old Charlton Comics series. Anthologies were popular in the fifties and sixties. TV had the Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Comic books had series like Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds. Twist endings were abundant and entertaining in this series. It showcased early work by comic book writers and artist like Joe Gill, Steve Ditko, Matt Baker, Vince Colletta , Charles Nicholas and others. Stories inside range from ones like "The Strange Return" in which a man finds a treasure because he may be a distant relative to one of the Palace Guards, to the fantasy called "Two Hours" in which a man only has two hours to live and hopes that the loving thoughts he sends out to his wife gets to her and she can arrive in time to save him. It was a wonderful series and I hope you enjoy this book.

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