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I am now running out of what else to say about this series.

One morning though, I got a copy of one of our broadsheets here in the Philippines, The Philippine Daily Inquirer and saw that this comic strip is serialized there. I knew that all along but since I have not been buying newspapers anymore (I used to buy dailies before but since most news are in the internet; why bother?), it was my first time to see a strip of this KikoMachine Komix side-by-side with other popular comic strips. Maybe I am not a real comic strips fan or maybe that one particular strip was not really funny, I had a different feeling seeing KikoMachine characters on the same page with those of the characters by not only local but also foreign cartoon illustrators. Abrera can of course compete with world-class talents but I grew up looking at those other cartoon characters when I was a child like Popeye, Blondie, Mutt and Jeff, etc. Those characters were there and I ended up reliving my childhood days by remembering that those were parts of my crazy comics days.

Nothing really new in this Book 6 except some new characters like Venn Man whose loneliness and despair are disquieting and at the same time thought-provoking. I also noticed here the character that did not register in my psyche in the previous book, Goody Pakyutsie who as his name hints at, is somebody who is "too good to be true." I still like Bertong Badtrip especially because he is small, there is no space for his face to really change in the last frame where Abrera normally exaggerates the face of his character to elicit laughter from his readers. There is also a character like Mariang Kokak but I think she is so ugly and her only talent is to jump like a frog. I hope Abrera will not use that character anymore.

I always appreciate the thought-provoking strips with one of the characters uttering a popular saying then Abrera puts a twist to it. For example, there is the phrase that I use nowadays to my daughter who is currently adjusting to her college life. The saying is this: "If there's a will, there's a way." But Abrera's character responds to this saying something like there's a new one and it goes like this: "There's a will, where's the way?"

My favorite one is when one character quotes Hellen Keller with this: "No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land or open a new heaven to the human spirit." Then silence. He added: "How pessimistic." The other blurted: "Ano bah? Ba't mo parating pinakukumplika ang buhay?" (Translation: What the eff? Why are you always complicating life?) If you could only see how angry that other guy is, you will be laughing out loud.

I think that's what makes Abrera tick for me. Those quotes prove that he is an artist with brain. Pa-deep kunwari but I think he is really deep.

I said in my opening that I was running out of what to say but still I managed to write a long review. Sorry for contradicting myself but when my brain starts grinding, my fingers keep on punching the keys. Of course, there will always be something to say about a good book like this.

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