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This is a Harlequin Presents novel so being under two hundred pages I was not expecting anything other than a short entertaining romance read. I could nit pick and shine a light on all the things that could've/should've been done better if longer but I will not. What I was is pleasantly surprised by what a good story this was and my hat goes out to the author for making characters that were surprisingly well developed for a short story.

The premise of this story is about Emily Lawton, who you first meet on a beach and you are captured, by her overwhelming desire to just once let loose and enjoy the beach, sand and water like when she was a child. Vito Corsentino, the Hero of our story, see's our heroine and is captured by her beauty and spirit and has an overwhelming desire to meet this woman. They meet and become instantly attracted to each other. Never expected to see him again, our Emily has a one night stand something in her strongly disciplined and well organized life has never done before. The passion was hot and sizzling as you would expect. But when Vito finds out about Emily the following morning he orders her to leave calling her a whore among other things. After several months Vito has tracked her down because he can not forget Emily. This time he'll take her, and he'll be the one to leave when it's over! But Emily has one last secret for Vito.... She's having his baby, and if he finds out he'll want more than revenge!

I liked this story very much, I found it entertaining, the passion and sizzle I wanted in a romance story was there without it being over the top as some short stories seem to be. All in all I would recommend this book to anyone who need a good short romance read.

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GanreCategory Romance
Release date 01.07.2007
Pages count192
File size5.5 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating3.87 (69 votes)
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