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Ann Lee joined the Shaker sect after it had been established for eleven years. She rose in the odd sect until she became known as The Word, The Mother of the Shakers, and even The Female Messiah.

I thought this would be an interesting book, giving a peek into the mind of a person with such ideas. How do you go from knowing yourself to be an ordinary person to believing you are the female embodiment of Christ on Earth?

Born in 1736, Ann dealt with over-crowded conditions in the family home, a job at a textile mill at an early age, head of criminals on spikes near her house. Early on she became a cook in the new hospital. (Later her Shaker diet was based on the gruel and pottage she cooked for the patients.) She wouldn't eat (not
surprising). She wouldn't sleep. She got downy fur all over her body, which the author says would be considered a sign of anorexia today. She was basically a mess.

After her marriage, and the loss in infancy of four babies, she was confined to an asylum for a time. This is where she received the news that she was the Female Messiah. After some persecution she and less than a dozen other Shakers leave for America.

That is when I began to lose interest. I tried, I really did, because my mother had given me this book and I wanted to give it a chance. But I should have taken my cue from her comment: 'Well.....read it for yourself and see what you think, then we'll talk.'

I got nearly halfway before I decided I simply could not take any more. I didn't know whether to snort, giggle, laugh outright or shake my head in pity while I read. There are some interesting insights here and there, but overall the chapters I read just left me extremely glad I never had to deal with Ann and her cult tactics. She did not seem like a Mother or a Messiah...she was just creepy and I wanted to get away from her,
so I have to call this one a DNF.

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