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This was an interesting book, a little bit memoir of Peck's childhood, a little bit apologia for the past.It is only a little of these things, because Peck is resolute in stating she is not writing autobiography, and she refuses to share much personal detail, or to tell many stories of her friends and family.Instead what interests her is the form that education for girls took in her childhood in the 1880s and 1890s, how the schools she went to differed from one another, and how it all has changed by the time she is writing in the early 1950s.She is a little defensive of the past, but not terribly so.

What I found most interesting, personally, was how she acknowledges the possible reality of Freudian psychology — that the things which happen in early childhood have an impact on later life — but at the same time finds it laughable to think that it was true for her, personally.She insists at the beginning that she and all her siblings were quite healthy, quite normal.It is an interesting blind spot, to me, and I see how it comes out in the one novel of hers I have read, House-Bound which attempts to take seriously the psychological problems of the daughter of the family but brims over with disbelief and judgement.

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