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The Boxed Set includes Fallen Snow (Book One), Desert Star (Book Two), and Sunset Rush (Book Three).

NOVA is a dark trilogy for mature audiences. It contains explicit sex, strong language, and abusive situations. Please be warned - dark novels may be disturbing for some readers.

Sophia Jameson is the daughter of one of the most notorious entrepreneurs in the world of adult entertainment, Paul Jameson. She's young, immature, and suffers from an abusive past, but sees nothing wrong with sleeping around; after all, sex is the cure for her depression. A long-term relationship with any man is not on the agenda - until she meets Cove Everton. A man as emotionally damaged as she is. The two fall fast and hard; delving into a relationship they know will be forbidden by Sophia's father. Virgins to any sense of real and lasting love, they hope to pacify their mutual anxieties and sufferings, not to mention those of their family and friends, all of whom have become trapped within Jameson Industries.

Cove Everton was once the biggest star of Jameson Industries. Forced into the company at a young age, he still suffers mental and physical scars from the business owned by Paul Jameson. Angst-ridden and tormented that his family's been blackmailed, and his father framed for crimes that were committed by Paul, he continues to work for the adult industry in hope of discovering proof that will bring Paul to his knees and set his father free.

From Sophia:

My story begins in St. Louis with my best friend and former college roommate, Mera. I'm twenty-three, stubborn, not the romantic type, and convinced that I can mistreat my body however I see fit. I'm not worried about any consequences, only my therapist is. I see her twice a week as requested by my father. He believes I have issues with my mother, and that my lack of motivation, foul-mouth, and immaturity all stem from her neglect. But my therapist? She thinks I'm a sex addict. All of this is about to change... because of him.

Cove Everton holds secrets that are infinitely darker than mine. The demons he carries are destroying him, and his connection to my family is tragic. He distances himself, but our attraction is too powerful for that withdrawal to last. Once his private life is exposed there's no turning back. We fall fast and hard; both virgins to this kind of love and troubled by the unknowns of a future together. Can we erase the scars of one another's past and move forward? Or will we be consumed by our former lives?

You'll spend time in shallow water getting to know me before you advance into the deep end with Cove. And it is deep, be patient. The unexpected is coming. ~ Sophia Jameson

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