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This book was OK, though one of the comments on the back of the book said that it was a well-paced thriller or something like that. So not true. It plodded slowly. Very very slowly. And it wasn't a thriller at all. Some thriller-like stuff happened in the last 15% or so of the book, but nothing in the first 85% or so suggested that anything thrilling would happen.

I can't decide if this book rubbed me the wrong way because 1) it was "too smart" for me, 2) it was trying to be "too smart" for me and failed, or 3) I wasn't in the mood for a "smart" book. There were some neat moments here and there, but people who enjoyed this book probably enjoyed it because they liked Greek history and ideas, liked archeology, and/or like books written in a slightly unconventional style.

The writer has written poetry and stuff as well, and you can tell from his style. Or at least I could. It's because I don't "get" poetry. I have to think too much, and I'd rather a book draw me in without much effort on my part. I can understand that one may enjoy that type of reading, where the sentences and punctuation are a little off, and that "off-ness" elicits some feelings and/or imagerythat may be harder to achieve by writing in a simpler style. It's not that anything was incomprehensible. Far from it. Just took a little effort. More than I was willing to put in. I definitely started skimming parts.

Oh, it's also a bit depressing. Not too bad, but certainly not a happy book.

That all being said, I clearly didn't hate it. It takes place in present-day Greece, much of it in what was Sparta. It also talks a lot about the Spartans. Interesting people, mostly because they're so fucked up. Most of the book focused on one character, his relationships with a few others,and his take on the history of Sparta. It was neat to get a flavor of small town Greece and an archeological dig.

I think the author had some great ideas, but didn't execute them as well as he liked. This might be the type of book that may actually work better as an indie movie. I think that much of it could have been better communicated by long slow shots of a rainy Greek country side with little music and dialogue.

I would actually recommend this book if people know what they're getting into. Which you do if you read this review. ;)

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