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The United States of America faces a rapidly changing world, while at the same time, it struggles with it's own internal issues. A civil divide has taken over what once was a unified nation and has left a raging tone of polarity in its wake, the likes of which haven't been seen since the great Civil War. At the same time, opportunistic forces are taking advantage of this unrest, pushing social buttons in an attempt to coerce their own agenda. Politicians, the media, captains of industry and foreign influences all collude to pit one side against the other. In the end we are all split, bruised and bloody.

Author, screenwriter and political columnist T. Rafael Cimino takes a unique look at these polarizing issues and offers some common sense solutions that touch the hearts of both sides. "Split, Civility For A Divided Nation" seeks the common ground we all desire in an atmosphere of greed, hate and fear.

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Release date 03.01.2012
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