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Overall, I liked this story, even though much of it is really sad. But who doesn't like a good, sad story from time to time? I would have given it four stars, but I had one problem with it that really bothered me: the author's parallelism between the Christmas child and the Christ child was way too close for my comfort zone at the very end. While I understood the meaning behind the author's choice of words, and how it was meant to be beautiful, I believe it took away the honor due to Christ by the particular wording that she used.

As far as the story itself goes, it's not for the faint of Christian heart. It's all about forgiveness, especially forgiving those who have grieved you the most, and the book pulls no punches about how you should do that. In fact, it tells you exactly what the Bible tells you, word for word. It shows the life of one woman who is deeply grieving and feverishly angered, and it takes a near-death experience to teach her to forgive. Meanwhile, the lives of several others are being thrashed about. This story breaks your heart many times over, but I still found it a very lovely read. You'll see why, if you read it, and I do recommend this book.

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