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Stayed up way too late with this one twice and finally finished it tonight and it was great, loved it as it catches you and intrigues with the quirky narrator tallMary Lou Bateson or Dunk and keeps your interest throughout..On a side note I found this book in my now dilapidated bookshelf (thanks alot IKEA LOL) so after insisting I read everything I decided toup and read a book I own and this was it—I believe I read it when I was younger but rereading oldies are the best..Okay so back to the story Dunk is a recent hire to a darling coin collector and discovers a passion for coins, auctioning and history..While loving and learning her new profession her boss is uprooted and she stumbles upon a new job in the same field and also her biggest client ever with a rare Greek coin called the Demaretion that Dunk personally and professionally values at $350,000. Psyched and ambitious Dunk insists on being present for the acquisition of the coin and signs her name to the valuable piece and her life is all good-....until the coin goes missing..It all hits the fan after being put on leave without pay and her hellbent on finding out who set her up; so she starts a renagade solo detective mission meeting two charismatic and attractive men directly involved in the investigation: Al, the sweet, sloppy, sensitive police officer and Jack, the handsome, suave and flitty Insurance agent..Romance blooms and the case takes twists and turns, you meet some interesting characters, murder, burglary, parties, sex, and secrets galore with a narrator you can truly see which is weird from a male author but he really draws from real life and makes her believable, a person you probably see every day and you like her..The mystery was drawn out with a lot of unneccessary sideplots true, and the reveal while not too predictable wasnt as POW as I hoped but fun read from the eighties—I actually liked her romantic choice and it was an oldie but goodie, have to donate (tear) to make room for more treasures..Spring cleaning..

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Release date 01.07.1987
Pages count352
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