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I felt that there was a good range of stories, all of them well written and entertaining.A Binary Form (Rod Slatter) is classic adventure/first contact.Spider Dreams (D J Swatski) is a virtual-reality adventure with a twist.Guardian Angel (C J Paget) explores the relationship between checkout worker Agnes and the alien voice in her head. I, Human (Steve McGarrity) has a disturbing view of a future in which aliens are kept as exhibits in zoos.Product Placement (Nicola Caines) brings a sci-fi dimension to your cereal bowl.There are also 3 short and interesting poems (G O Clark and Chris Oliver).

All the stories have believable characters.I felt most engaged with Agnes in Guardian Angel.I loved the comment on the way that women are portrayed in so much sci fi, “None of them had a Manchester accent.It was like looking into the future and finding your people extinct.”That amused me at the time and I found myself thinking about it later; the essence of good story writing.

I was surprised by the kindle edition of the magazine because it didn’t have any of the features I would normally expect in a magazine.There were no editorials, feature articles, photos, illustrations, letters pages or advertising, just the stories and mini-bios about the contributors.I bought a physical copy in order to compare them and found that that is just the same.It is not a glossy magazine, but black and white A4 folded and stapled.If what you look for in a magazine is the slick and glitzy package, you might feel disappointed with this at £2.13 for a kindle edition and £2.75 (4 for £10) for hard copy.If on the other hand what matters to you is finding well written sci-fi stories you will not be disappointed.Highly recommended.

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