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As a geographer who writes and loves science fiction, this opened with a nod to de Certeau and exploring the film genre of science fiction like city streets which made my little heart beat faster. I loved it for the way it problematised the idea of genre itself while giving me a fairly good idea of how it has been made to stretch and shrink, and the major debates in the field. I absolutely loved how it incorporated all the deep joy and pleasure and sensuousness of film with its politics, discussion of colonialism and neoliberalism are in here along with the fabulous, the camp, the grotesque. It opened up so many lines of inquiry, new questions and ways of looking at film, and it gave me an enormous list of b-films (and a-films too) that I really MUST see, which was glorious. I didn't manage to capture a quarter of what was packed in there on the first read (packed yet readable, I liked it), making it one of those books that I will definitely return to to reread a chapter here and a chapter there. A lazy weekend with a couple of camp films in the best Bakhtiniantradition of carnival and this book in hand would be a most enjoyable thing.

I am so utterly sad that Goodreads is not displaying the cover...Flash Gordon manages to take Routledge to awesomeness, a place it rarely goes with its covers.

[disclaimer - I do know and love Dr. Bould, but really that meant I was overjoyed I loved the book and didn't have to forever pretend I still hadn't managed to read it yet...]

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