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Mundis has succeeded again in helping folks with money problems in this book, Earn What You Deserve. This book could be a mantra for helping many unemployed Americans lift themselves from the doldroms of "the economy". Mundis challenges all along the way in this book the thinking and behavior of underearners. He experiments with his definition and helps doubters to lay aside doubt to explore how this syndrome might affect one's life and how one might change. Structured and motivational like How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, & Live Properously, this book takes a realistic look at how to make changes, one day at a time. Mundis correctly in my mind advocates reading his first book before launching into overcoming Underearning. I think he is correct because clearly improving income while continuing to debt would be self defeating. One example of changes needed that he suggests is, "You have your own individual economy. In fact as far as underearning is concerned, the larger economy is largely irrelevant." He then explains that as he undertook the program he discovered, ". . . at the height of the recession, . . . I brought in more money than I ever had in any other year of my life." While I believe the way out of underearning takes time and incremental growth, as he suggests, I have seen his tools and ideas work for others. I cannot see why any underearner would not invest in this important work.

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