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A customized guide to all things D.O.G.

Dog ownership has skyrocketed. In fact, more than half of American households own at least one dog. Today's dog owners are interacting more with their dogs, spending more money on them, demanding more expensive services, and taking them everywhere, from cruises to road trips.

Fit Dog covers every part of a dog's life, and includes topics seldom covered in dog books, such as budgeting, three methods of CPR, and party games that join people, guests and dogs in the pursuit of fun. The book addresses problem solving and beginning to advanced tricks that will give a dog a physical and mental workout.

Fit Dog guides owners to expert care for their loyal companions in all ways, from daily fitness and health care to pet-proofing a home for a senior dog's safety.

Topics include:

How Healthy is Your Dog? - veterinary care, medications
Knowing Your Dog - communication, barking, moods, intelligence, popular breeds
Food and Nutrition - feeding tips, portion size, buying/making food (recipes), treats, weight
Obedience Training - how to train, essential commands, clickers/pointers, problem behaviors
Household Chore Tricks - such as Fetch the Remote, Tidy Your Toys, Bring Me...
Basic Show Tricks - such as Shake Hands, Take a Bow, Sit Pretty
Advanced Show Tricks - such as Say Your Prayers, Spin in Circles, Play Dead
Socializing - dog to dog, cat, humans, how to stop a dog fight, party games, rainy day games
Travel - preparation, pet-friendly hotels, dog parks, hikes
Canine Sports - agility, Frisbee, dock diving, dance freestyle
Pet First Aid - emergencies, CPR, first aid kit, bleeding, bee stings, burns
Budgeting - how to lower expenses, homemade toys, pet insurance.
There are at least 70 million pet dogs in America alone. 8.7 million people "like" dogs on Facebook. Those dog lovers want to give their pets a long, happy and healthy life. Fit Dog provides the expert advice and guidance to do just that.

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