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"Pride and Prejudice: Darcy and Bingley" (SECOND EDITION) is a prequel to the novel "Pride and Prejudice: Darcy Chooses" in the Darcy and Elizabeth Series.
The novel, a variation on Jane Austen's original, is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2014.
Why this prequel SECOND EDITION? I've had many comments from my readers and reviewers about the 'Austenesque' writing style I used in these prequels - some positive and some negative. Based on those comments, and advice from my Editor, I decided to 'modernize' my writing style. It is my hope that this 'crossover' will appeal to both Jane Austen fans and readers of a more modern style of Regency romance.
One of three prequels, this short story recounts Darcy's and Bingley's first encounter, some of their history together and their current activities a few days before the start of the novel. It also answers the question of how these two disparate personalities could form such a strong friendship, and gives extra insight into the Bennet family, and especially Caroline. The question that remains is 'will this friendship survive the events of the near future?'
Here is a brief preview:
A full moon lit Darcy's path as he made his way across the grounds of Cambridge. He realized that he was later than he intended in order not to violate curfew, and so began picking up his pace. Suddenly, he heard a sound from the shadows near the dining hall. Slowing, he realized that what he heard was flesh hitting flesh and groaning of someone who might be a recipient of targeted blows. Upon investigating, he found three upperclassmen punching an underclassman. Darcy was on the boxing team and was more than willing to enter the fray and did so, much to the chagrin of the upperclassmen. With a few blows, he had all three on the ground doing their own groaning. One snarled at Darcy and said, "He's in trade and has no business coming here. He's nobody. He's de trop."
Supper that night was the usual, with Caroline dominating the conversation and directing most of it at Darcy. He joined Bingley and Hurst for only a short while for one glass of port after supper. Then, he pleaded fatigue and retired early so as to get an early start on the morrow. Fortunately, he was able to leave the house before Caroline and the Hursts awoke, and he avoided any confrontations with the hostess of Netherfield.
Unfortunately, they had traveled but ten miles when his chaise suffered a broken wheel, and he was forced to take public transportation at the next town of Dalripton. Darcy hated taking a coach because that meant other people, and with his shyness and taciturn nature, he did best with those he was already familiar and felt comfortable with. As it will turn out, this journey will be the best one he will ever take.
For a few seconds, all was quiet. Then, with an unnerving move for the passengers, the coach suddenly slid, struck a large rock on the side of the road, tipped and began to roll sideways. Screaming horses were heard as the coach continued its roll down an incline eventually coming to a stop. All was quiet in the coach.
About the other two prequels:
"Pride and Prejudice: Attending a Ball" is a prequel that recounts the three days before the beginning of the novel from Elizabeth Bennet's perspective, and portrays the Bennets and Elizabeth's friends: Charlotte Lucas and Melanie Farrington. It also gives extra insight into the Bennet family members.
"Pride and Prejudice: Pemberley and Beyond" looks at the history of Pemberley House, how Darcy is truly Master of Pemberley and what his vision is for the future of his beloved home. Will Elizabeth Bennet become Mistress of Pemberley or will Fitzwilliam Darcy have to look elsewhere?

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