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There are things I need to learn in life, among those things is: "You probably shouldn't be surprised about not liking a book when none of your goodreads friends have it on any of their bookshelves (including to-be-read).

That is this case with this book - I picked it up because of the cover, read it in the dr's office waiting room while sitting beside a pre-teen that looked like she was going to die from the flu. Oh, the faces I must have been making!

This book was weird, in a bad way. I've read a few books where the lovers are from different cultures/tribes/ worlds and galaxys - but I was not buying this one. They start out speaking different languages. How do they communicat, you might ask. Well, she gives him a blowjob infront of the members of his pack (I take a moment here to look up at you and give you a "look") she swallows ... of course ... and BAM they can now understand eachother because she now understands his language.

Now, listen here: I want to learn Spanish. Is this a way to go about it? Deep-throat a Spaniard (with other people around to watch, of course) and make sure to swallow not spit or remove from mouth and point elsewhere. Then: Whamo, I'll be able to order a coffee efficiently in Spain!

Hmm. Was that too crass?

This story also has crappy sex euphamisims such as:
"...his mouth was poised above my juicy box."
"Soon I was bouncing off the end of his pole..." (this is during anal sex)

Ugh. I don't even want to look for more. I'm sure you get the idea.

Anyway, weird book that ends with a sort of lightly described orgy (where he 'claims' her officially), and they exchange "I love you"s. I felt like the book was trying too hard - trying to be different in the world it focuses on but then trying to keep to the standards of romances (love at first sight, HEA).

This book is a pass.

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