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Are You Suffering from a Personal Energy Crisis?
In this groundbreaking book, renowned educator, natural medicine pharmacist, and initiated shamana Connie Grauds helps you tap into thewellsprings of vital positive energy that lie within you—-but are often blocked by the dispiriting negative energy of fear. Combining cutting-edge Western science with the ancient healing principles ofshamanism, Grauds explains how fear and its side effects are at the root of a variety of ailments, from lethargy, depression, and insomnia to the most serious illnesses—-and provides a practical programthat will revitalize every area of your life. From restoring physical and emotional health to gaining harmony in work and personal relationships, here are exercises that will teach you how to: Eliminate energy-depletinghabits and create new, energy-generating behaviors, identify your energy "leaks," release stress and tension through a deeper somatic awareness and to restore the dynamic flow of energy through theeight primary entradas, or gateways: mind/soul, breath, water, food, exercise, nature, relationships, and altruism.
In addition, Grauds shares personal experiences from her fascinating ten-yearapprenticeship in the Amazon with a master healer. Now you can begin on a path of balance, wisdom, sanity, and self-knowledge that will support even the most demanding lifestyle and help you achieve the optimum health thatis naturally yours.

"From the Trade Paperback edition."

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