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(A collection of the first three books in the Stone Soldiers series that pits supersoldiers against the supernatural.)

They have been living among us for millenia, hiding in the shadows. Some believe in them, some do not, but when the mythical become a threat, the U.S. military sends in their own supersoldiers to defend against the supernatural.

After millenia trapped in separate tombs, two shapeshifting giants are set free in the modern world. Able to take the form, the memories and even the powers of anyone by ripping out and eating their hearts, the giants blaze a trail of carnage across the face of America.

The United States responds quickly, sending in the Black Sabers, Detachment 1039, to combat this latest supernatural threat. But Colonel Mark Kenslir and his living stone soldiers are no match for the first shapeshifter. When the Colonel returns to life after a brief battle, he must complete his last mission and stop the shapeshifter with only the help of two brave teens.

With one shapeshifter defeated, Kenslir must rebuild a team of supersoldiers to defend America. But the shapeshifters regroup as well and bring the fight to the Colonel. Breaking into the Black Sabers' base of operations in Miami, the giants plunder the supernatural riches stored there, but ultimately are stopped.

Defeated, but not killed, the last shapeshifter flees to Mexico, posing as the Mayan god Kukulcan to gather worshipers and sacrifices. Colonel Kenslir and his new team must head south and stop the last shapeshifter once and for all, before it amasses enough power to become unstoppable.

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