epub Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and the Cutie Campout

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An all new, hilarious wacky kids adventure you can't put down.

Age Level:8 and up; Grade Level:3 and up

In The Cutie Campout: Heidi, Arika, and Olga are going on a trip—-A camping trip to Lake-A-Lotta-Fun, that is! The girls set up Camp Cutie deep in the Cutie Patootie Land Jungle, nestled amongst the glowing fireflies and the friendly natives.

What they don't know, is Mr. Zonk and his two goons, Jordan and Slimy, have a camping trip planned of their own. But the wacky and weird Mr. Zonk won't settle for sleeping under the stars in the usual tent camping way... He thinks it's a much better idea to kick it pirate style setting sail in a huge rocket-propelled flying Pirate Ship instead!

And that's not all! With his usual taking-over-the-world tactics, he's created a Bionic Firefly to lure all the sweet, little jungle fire flies into a giant jar!

Will Captain Zonk capture all the fire flies and take over the world

Will this impress Heidi enough to be Mr. Zonk's girlfriend

Will he make the Cuties walk the plank

Will Heidi and her friends save the day, and rescue all the fire flies

Find out in an all new, zany, crazy, and wacky Cutie Patootie Land Adventure - The Cutie Campout!"

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PublisherCatacombs Press
Release date 01.10.2014
Pages count144
File size4.8 Mb
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