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Dark times threaten humanity

when an ancient magical artifact is unknowingly found by a malevolent sorcerer who is hell-bent on razing both the realms of the Guardians and that of the Humans. He plans to summon forth the first messenger of the Apocalypse-the White Horseman.

In this world of sorcerers-both good and bad-there lay a prophecy of one human child, who could save both of their worlds from destruction. In a chain of events that will pull him through the veil that shields the dimensions from each other he will lead a motley band of warriors to the one being that can help them understand the puppet-masters that are raging their unseen war.

With the Immortals looking down, they guide him towards his goal-to destroy the mad sorcerer before the White Horseman can be summoned. For if the Horseman returned the time of humanity would be gone forever...

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PublisherArchway Publishing
Release date 03.10.2014
Pages count308
File size6.7 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating4.68 (19 votes)
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