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What a disaster.

Utterly dismal.

Words do not describe my absolute amazement at the fact that this got through a editing floor and continued on into print - and audio.The first book was definitely beyond cheese - ridiculous, quasi formed characters and a paper thin plot, but at least it had that.And the audio version was delightfully cheesy as well - done with enough pomp and circumstance to make it an entertaining story telling. But this second book is just beyond bad. It was like the author was so immersed in self pity and lack of original ideas that he just wrote something... anything .... just to get his contractual agreements done.

I can't even think of where to begin - the plot was - oh wait, there was no plot.The characters - the characters were less than two dimensional.Even the 'hero' was two dimensional.(And if I hear anyone say ROD EVERLAR again, I swear I'll throttle them.If his name was said once, it was said 16 times.It was like if he wrote the whole name down, it would take up more print space.I'm quite sure if they removed his name out of the story, the entire book would be cut in half.No exaggeration either).Anyways, his other characters were like caricatures of what they were supposed to be and reading it was like watching an over done early silent film - exaggerated posturing and obvious as to what was going to happen that it was just painful.And the pain never stopped.At one point I thought I should just stop (I think that was the when my car CD player kept repeatedly rejecting the disc - even it knew a stinker when I didn't), but I thought there may be some progress in the story as this bumbling, inept guy actually learns and hones some magical skill long enough to keep it interesting.

Spoiler alert - nope.Doesn't happen.Oops, did I let that out of the bag?Sorry.Ha!No I'm not!

It was a confusing mess with absolutely no forward motion in the original concept introduced in the first book.And when he introduced the story going back into the modern world, I thought I was going to puke.Great, lets add another redundant bunch of idiots that have no point in the story.Bring 'em on.What could it possibly matter?!It's not like I'm going to carry on with this debacle.And don't even get me going on the rutting scenes.F* me.

So - my take on this book?

Save yourself the time and effort, you'll thank me.But ifyou do read it, don't say you weren't warned.

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