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Having read most of the earlier "MWC" series, this one didn't grab me quite like the others did, but it is still a great read if you like historical fiction or speculative history. The gist of it is that Caesar did not get assassinated on the Ides of March but instead goes off on a long crusade to conquer the ends of the known world. He and his army march through the lands of the Han (China) and eventually ends up in the land of the Wa (Japan). What ensues is a long and bloody battle between Caesar's legions and the Wa warriors. Descriptions of battle scenes are graphic and often gruesome, so if you are not enamored by this type of fiction, don't read this one.
If I have one complaint about the book, it would be that there are no breaks between scene changes. It took some getting used to, and I suspect it was more of an editing issue than a writing issue because other works by this author don't have this problem. It just made it more difficult to follow the action, and there is plenty of it.
All in all, I enjoyed "Caesar Triumphant." It shares many of the same characters as the other "MWC" books, such as Titus Pullus, but gives them different lives. "Caesar Triumphant" is a good stand alone book and does not rely on previous books. If you have not read any of the "MWC" series, this would not provide any spoilers.

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