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The NPC sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings. Contains backstories and character sheets divided into chapters by clan.

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Welcome to a land of samurai, shugenja, mysterious ise zumi and cunning Scorpion assassins. In the world of Rokugan, danger lurks behind every shadow, machinations in the Winter Court destroy lives, and countless bushi fall on the fields of war. The Emerald Empire is populated with diverse characters. and how we've brought some of them to you: ready to influence and populate your campaign setting.

In this book, you'll find powerful (and not so powerful) inhabitants of the Emerald Empire, ready to thwart, annoy or assist your PCs- or even become PCs themselves. Also we've included a treatises on villains, tables to define your own non-player characters, and numerous ideas for using NPCs in your campaign.

* Structure, method and motivation: Villains in the L5R setting.
* Over 40 new templates: Detailed descriptions and playable character sheets, ready to be used as PCs, villains or allies.
* Hidden stories from the CCG: Numerous familiar characters, including Naka Kuro, Sanzo, the first Naga Scout, Ginawa and the Bloodsword, and more!

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