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M for Mischief is a memorable story, a good choice for reading out loud to beginning readers just starting to get a sense of where literature can take them. Richard Parker introduces elements of mystery and magic without fully answering every question that arises from the supernatural events of the narrative, and young readers won't necessarily find this unfulfilling. Magic is sometimes simply magic, with no need for explanation or backstory. Who could rationalize the presence of a magic oven in the little house on the new property moved into by Andrew, Peg, Milly and their parents, or the quirky repairmen who claims to have serviced the oven for the past ninety-nine years, and seems to know just what to do whenever it's on the fritz? There's lots left to wonder about after reading M for Mischief, but the reader is sure to have experienced at least a few entertaining moments along the way.

Andrew, Peg and Milly know right away that the oven they find is no ordinary vessel for cooking. The richly ornate exterior design and peculiar, almost human mannerisms of the oven suggest an antique that is more than what it appears to be, and so it is. With the help of the mysterious repairman who drops in every once in a while to make sure the oven is working properly, the kids learn the oven will work just like any other stove if the dial is on "O" for "Ordinary", but if they push it to "M" for "Mischief", all sorts of havoc can arise. From invisibility eggs to unpredictable human transmogrification, the three young siblings find it can be rather perilous to mess around with magic, even when one follows the instructions perfectly. When a little payback on an annoying neighbor boy backfires on our protagonists, can they fix what's wrong before the magic of the oven is taken away forever?

M for Mischief is a surprisingly amusing read. Much of the humor stems from the awkwardness of the kids having to deal with a certain family member who gets turned into a "domestic animal", and trying to show proper respect for an elder under circumstances that make doing so rather difficult. Plenty of smile-worthy moments result. I actually think M for Mischief could have been more effective if it were longer, maybe by a hundred pages or so, allowing more of the logistics of the oven's history to be revealed. I like this book the way it is, though, and would give it one and a half stars.

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