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"My Story of AIG" chronicles the strategic growth of American International Group (AIG) from a modest group of insurance enterprises in 1960, to the largest insurance company in the world by 2005, when its CEO of 37 years, Hank Greenberg, stepped down. The book is a corporate and business history interwoven with much of U.S. and international activity during the latter half of the twentieth century. It is the story of the world's rough ride toward globalization and the triumph of free and open markets over communism, nationalism, protectionism, and isolationism. It is a story of how AIG helped pave that road. Without overshadowing that chronicle, the book will also address-briefly in chapter one and more fully in the last quarter-how the actions of an ambitious politician, Eliot Spitzer, weakened AIG in 2005, and examine the 2008 seizure of AIG by the U.S. government amid the financial crisis. Through Greenberg's first-hand experience, as well as interviews by Lawrence Cunningham, corporate governance expert, professor and writer, the book will include considerable information that has not previously been made public.

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