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In August 2011, a teenager became the editor of a monthly short story collection, every month, for a year. That project was entitled "Jake's Monthly". This volume reprints many of the great stories from a myriad of strange genres that made that project something to remember. This collection contains 50 stories by a variety of talented authors from around the web. It was edited by Jake Johnson. Stories: "Teddy" by Patrick Hayes "Body Builders Here to Stay" by A. A. Garrison "Tesla, Merlin, and the Buddha of Compassion" by T. Fox Dunham "Jericho" by Mike Jansen "Mime" by Nigel A. Sellars "The Night That Never Was" by Bryan Babin "Nova" by Joe Jablonski "Torch Song" by Ron Koppelberger "Sisters" by Terrence Kuch "Firstfather" by Tom Wells "Sunshine in a Can" by J. Mesch "Rhinoceros Dreams" by Jessica Knauss "Shame Song" by Terrence Kuch "Sitting, Waiting" by Jon Chan "The Khan's Sword" by Melissa Embry "Cold Relief" by Sanjaya Kumar Mishra "Spurge Wickett's Murder Case" by Tom Sheehan "All Quiet" by Ross Baxter "A Home Coming" by Bryan Babin "Memories of Inhuman Nature" by Rick McQuiston "Restarts and New Starts" by Michael Trimmer "Unmade Airs" by James Wymore "The Butterfly Dreaming" by John Marsh "I'll Fix It" by Farida Samerkhanova "Congregation" by Dorothy Davies "Nuclear Mouth" by Nathaniel Towers "The David Effect" by Mike Jansen "The Lion's Share" by Ron Koppelberger "And Watch the North Wind Rise" by Nigel A. Sellars "Heart of Fire Beneath Dresden" by T. Fox Dunham "Dear Universe" by Stephen D. Rogers "The Pellet" by R. S. Bohn "The Ladybug Murders" by Nathaniel Tower "My Second Death" by Farida Samerkhanova "KLIN" by Phil Richardson "In Good Health" by Ron Koppelberger "There's A Problem With Harry" by Acquanetta M. Sproule "Bi-Polar Resonance" by Joe Jablonski "In a Purple Sky" by R. S. Bohn "Something for Something" by T. Fox Dunham "Silas Tully's Last Case" by Tom Sheehan "Percolator" by Nigel A. Sellars "Primitive Appeal" by Ron Koppelberger "The Modern Adventures of Wilson, Du Bois, McLuhan and Seldes" by David Perlmutter "The Whole Family" by Gregory Papadoyiannis "Arden Bluff" by Rick McQuiston "Infernally Divine" by Mike Jansen "A Perfect Hell on Earth" by Matt Mitrovich "Tarzan in Space" by Anthony Malone "Fall of the Faithful" by Tom Wells

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