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Mostly just an average read for me.There was some angst, but overall the H was far less of an entertaining alpha jerk than I've come to enjoy.It was obvious from the first that his feelings for the h went much deeper than he let on.He did have a few jerk moments, but she had left him and hurt his pride.Plus her method of leaving him did give him some reason to believe she was shallow and mercenary.She told him she "wasn't having fun anymore" instead of admitting that she thought he was cheating and wasn't happy with being a mistress due to her deep feelings for him.

Also, misleading title (which is a major pet peeve).She wasn't "forced" to marry him. Not really.He did pull out the 'I'll sue you for custody' nugget, but she was an English citizen on English soil and he was an Italian.Yeah, he had more money, but if she really didn't want to marry him she wouldn't have.She was smart enough to know that all he could do was cause her a big headache and she was fully ready to be reasonable and allow him access, which any judge would have been fine with.He didn't have to abduct her or threaten to ruin her family or anything fun like that. Kind of anticlimactic. It should have been titled 'The Italian's Sorta Reluctant and Resentful Bride'.

I have problems with the non-virginal mistress.To me, being a mistress is one step above being a high-class prostitute.I can overlook it when the h is a virgin and absurdly naive and truly doesn't realize what she is.But, if you've got more life experience under your belt, I expect more common sense and self respect.

I didn't dislike the heroine.There were things to admire about her.For one thing, she actually wrote the hero when she found out she was pregnant rather than pulling the secret baby angle. However, the heroine knew what she was and what the hero expected.She lived with this guy, didn't work, and let him spend all sorts of money on fancy clothes, etc.That's being a kept woman.I realize she loved him and was hoping for more, but I'd have had more respect for her if she'd kept on working and insisted on not being totally dependent on him.

Perhaps in a longer format, this could have been better explored.I'm not saying that only naive virgins are capable of foolish mistakes (holds up hand), but it's a nice shortcut in Hqn land.It takes more pages and more character development than is present in a Harley to bypass that shortcut IMHO.Plus, I admit to getting a kick out of the poor, innocent little virgin who spent her life taking care of her sick granny, rarely saw the outside world, and spent her extra time knitting booties for orphans being taken advantage of by the big bad wolf.The very OTT absurdness of it all is highly entertaining.HPs are very formulaic and there's a reason for that.The formula works.If I want more realism in my contemporary, I'll read a Lisa Kleypas Travis novel.I want and expect exactly NO realism in a HP.The crazier, train wreckier, campier, WTF-just-happened here -the better.It's like potato chips.It's crap and you know it, but you've gotta have more.

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