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Lancelot's Challenge
"Such small words - 'I think you should prepare yourself for the worst'. When I heard them I assumed my life would end, but I will not lose Arthur so easily and the fight is worth winning, I just have to hope the cost is worth paying." Lancelot and Arthur face their final battle to bring peace to their war torn world, but their fates twist once more and Arthur lies on the edge of death. In desperation Lancelot uses his fey blood and calls for help from Albion. The Lady of the Lake answers but she strikes a bargain for the King's life. In exchange Lancelot must go into service for a year and a day. So begins his training to become the Greatest Champion of Albion. With Aedden gone, Albion must find a new king and The Lady wants the role. It will be Lancelot's task to secure it for her. When they eventually arrive in The City, Lancelot, bound by a geis of silence, once more meets Tancred and realises their love has never faded. Between them they know that they need to choose the right leader for Albion to protect Camelot. But there is just one way to seal the deal. Lancelot must marry and win the hardest battle of his career.
Lancelot's Burden
"Peace, the scent captured me and held me... But only for a moment. Now, Tancred and I must fight for the gods of Albion against the Titans. Peace - a firefly's brief flash of life." Camelot's Champion is now the King of Albion and his fate unfolds rapidly. He is bound on a quest. Taranis has charged him to find items containing the power necessary to defeat the Titans before they wake and destroy Albion. However, it's never quite that simple. He must travel the length and breadth of his new land with Nimue, the wife of his dead father and the woman who tried to kill Arthur. Fortunately, he also has Rhea, his adopted daughter who happens to be a Titan and of course Tancred. The young man must face his greatest challenge with Lancelot at his side, but will it be enough? Can Lancelot hold Tancred together? Both men are drawn forward while they seek the power the gods need to fight the Titans. All rests once more on their broad shoulders, how long can they continue to carry the burden and fight the wars?
Lancelot's Curse
“I have no words for the grief the gods have inflicted upon my tired soul. My future is only darkness and my past... My past is gone forever. I have love burned into me and denied me.”
Lancelot and his companions are forced to flee Albion to protect Rhea from Taranis. Nimue tears the veil between the worlds and the travellers discover they are returned to the forest in which Lancelot and Tancred first fell in love. With renewed hope they set forth toward Camelot with the cart containing the items of power. When they reach Chester, they meet old friends and new enemies forcing them to run once more.
First they travel through the harsh deserts of Albion and on to the cold, dead world of Lyonesse. When Lancelot wakes from this final journey he makes a promise to Taranis in exchange for Tancred’s sanity and Rhea’s safety. Little does he know that the fulfilment of this promise will change the course of their lives forever. When they finally face Balar this fulfilment of this promise is the revenge the petulant and cruel god demands in exchange for a ceasefire.
During this time Lancelot learns more about his complex love for Tancred, Nimue and finally Arthur. His is the life sacrificed to save both worlds but is it enough and can he bear the burden of the grief, not just his own but also of those he loves? Will this heart rending promise be enough to save Albion and Camelot and what does it really mean to him and those he cares for? Why are the gods only interested in punishing him and using him to play their futile games?
The war for Albion continues and as it does Lancelot’s family tries to save their father, husband, and

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