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This book is a snapshot of women during Gorbachev's glasnost and perestroika movements, viewed through the lens of american feminism.This angle skews the presentation, but does not distort facts.Unsurprisingly, Russian women are as complex as the country itself.

Women internalize the mixed religious, political, socio-economical messages. Women are supposed to be model workers, be married, and have at least three children. However, the infrastructure to support the superwoman is not constructed, so marriages mostly suffer.

The puritanical views of sexuality have resulted in abysmal education and gynecological care. There are approximately 6 abortions to every child a woman bears. There is little awareness of contraception, so women may have up to 25 abortions in their lifetime.

Many women view men as superfluous: Tatyana Tolstoya uses the disturbing metaphor of 'women are the roots; men are the leaves.'The priorities are work, mother, children, and husband.With care-taking and domestic responsibilites assumed by women, men are comparable, but less important, than children.

I think an equivalent study of men in Russian society would be enlightening and insightful. The men appear to be emasculated by strong women ~ be it mother, comrade, or wife.A large majority of the men grow up fatherless. It's far from surprising that Russian men resort to alcoholism, chauvanism, and machismo.

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