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The only version of Dracula i read was almost a good ten years ago and that too an abridged version which would have made me miss a lot of subtleties I am sure. As much as the sanguinary count, the bookish middle aged vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing was interesting to say the least. The anthology edited by Jeanne Cavelos features as the name suggests 'The many faces of Van Helsing'.

The tales feature Van Helsing from different perspectives hero,villain,mad man, puritan and so forth. Some tales live up to the character who is the arch nemesis of the vampire but in some we see but a whimsical caricature of this interesting character. The sole reason why I picked up this book was the highly entertaining 'Abraham's Boys' by Joe Hill which featured in 20th Century Ghosts and apart from this tale, I found very few engrossing ones. Here are the ones i liked : Hero Dust, Remember Me & Fantasy Room. These were the only ones that made a lasting impression on me. Most of the rest barring Joe Hill's piece are regular fare. Bram Stoker wrote just two lines that Van Helsing's son was dead and that his wife is insane and it is these two things that every writer wants to build his/her tale upon which gets stale and highly irritating after a point in the book.

Recommended for the hardcore Van Helsing addicts...dont delude yourselves thinking Dracula features in this anthology, he hardly does...

P.S : I also think Anthony Hopkins was much more closer to the fictional Van Helsing than Hugh Jackman...:)

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